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MySQL Database

MySQL Web Hosting is web hosting with mySQL database software that runs on a web server. A mySQL hosting database can enable your site to automatically collect and store information in an organized, searchable format, without you having to even be involved. Most large web sites such as CNET, Ebay, Yahoo and others rely on a database of some kind to store the information that they display on their sites. Some discussion forums and guestbooks even use databases to store things more efficiently. There are many types of databases that can be run on a server, such as Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, and others.

MySQL is a popular open source database, open source meaning that unlike most other database servers, there is no expensive licensing fee to use it. This makes it popular with web hosts who want to offer it to their customers as part of an economical hosting package. MySQL is known for its speed and reliability and because of its popularity is easy to get help with.

Data can be stored without using a database, but for large amounts of information that is to be picked apart and presented in different combinations, a database can be much faster and more efficient for the job. MySQL hosting uses a Structured Query Language (SQL) that makes it easy to ask the database for things, as well as to add, edit or delete things from the database. Very few free web hosts offer MySQL. MySQL can handle many requests at a time and can search millions of records quickly, so it is great for large data stores, yet it also works well for small databases. Many popular scripting languages such as PHP and Perl are MySQL friendly. In fact, PHP and MySQL are commonly found together because PHP makes it especially easy to communicate with the database and to format and display the results of the query.

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